Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Final Countdown

 Today I officially finished my final project for Introduction to GIS. For my project I had to work as a GIS Analyst hired by the Florida Power Line. In the project I was given a proposed location for a transmission line. Based on the location, use of supplied files, and researching for files on my own I had to determine if the location for the transmission line was an ideal location. Four major objectives were the decision-determining factors. These included:

1.) The transmission line's impact on environmentally sensitive lands
2.) House proximity to the transmission line
3.) School and daycare proximity to the transmission line
4.) Transmission line length and cost

 I had to incorporate what I have been learning in the last couple of weeks into this lab. I also had to learn how to do new stuff to be able to complete some of my analyses, such as creating a center line. For this project I also had to give a presentation explaining what I did for my project and why. Although the directions were a little vague I really enjoyed doing this project. Attached below is a link to my presentation with a slide narrative to follow. I hope you all enjoy! 

Slide-By-Slide Overview

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